fortiva® Multi-stage Protein (FMP)

the Balanced ADVANTAGE ​
Fortiva® proprietary Multi-staged Protein blends harness the unique functional benefits of each vital protein component and no other brand has brought together these essential components to create and deliver synergistic protein blends for favorable patient outcomes.
Unlike any other medical food, Amerix utilizes continued innovation with regards to the health benefits of proteins in their product line, using proprietary Fortiva® Multi-staged Protein blends. This medical science revolves around dairy and plant proteins with amino acids profiles that reflect quality, optimal absorption timing, and anti-catabolic health benefits that go beyond the majority of medical nutrition products available in the market.

Fortiva® is whey-dominant, medical grade beverage formulated with proprietary, heat-stable whey protein concentrates.  This special whey (like other dairy proteins used in Fortiva® blends), is made from hormone- and antibiotic-free dairy, and can be further separated into individual protein fractions that offer benefits of their own.

The FMP® advantages:

One of those fractions is Lactoferrin which delivers many benefits such as increased nutrient absorption and transport. Along with another fraction, Glycomacropeptide, it is an anti-microbial and anti-viral agent, which has been shown to support a healthy immune system. This immune benefit is partly mediated through improved gut microbiome and stimulation of growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract1,2.

Along with whey protein concentrate, select Fortiva® formulas also contain individual amino acids added for specific functional benefits induce a rapid anti-catabolic state and contribute to rapid absorption with enhanced tissue protein synthesis. 

While rapidly absorbed proteins are critical to recovery and overall health, proteins with slow and intermediate absorption profiles are just as critical.  The extended amino acid release from these proteins results in sustained gut absorption over a period of up to 6 hours, promoting a sustained anabolic response in muscle tissues and other key organs.

As a strategy to extend protein absorption and drive sustained protein synthesis in muscle tissues and key organs, Fortiva® utilizes a blend of intermediate- and slow-digesting proteins. This is achieved by a combination of caseins and plant proteins that slowly release amino acids in the gut.  Unlike whey, casein is not very soluble in water and tends to coagulate and form small circular structures called micelles. This physical characteristic of casein causes it to coagulate or gel in the stomach and effectively delay gastric emptying. The result is a much slower but steady rate of amino acid absorption into the blood, leading to a delayed onset of protein synthesis when compared to whey, but a positive long-term effect on protein synthesis and prevention of protein breakdown.

Fortiva® proprietary Multi-staged Protein blends harness the unique functional benefits of each vital protein component and no other brand has brought together these essential components to create and deliver synergistic protein blends for favorable patient outcomes.

Specific Functional Benefits of Fortiva® Multi-staged Component Proteins

Protein Component Functional benefits
Whey Proteins
Whey protein concentrate
Improved glucose metabolism6,7
Anti-inflammatory effect8
Antioxidant property9,10,11
Anabolic property3,4,15
Blood pressure lowering effect5
Milk Protein Concentrate Anabolic property4
Caseinates Blood pressure lowering effect16
Soy Protein Isolates Cardio-protective effect14,19 Anabolic property15
Arginine Wound healing17 Immunomodulation18
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) Triggers muscle and tissue protein synthesis


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Recovery-Driven Nutrition

While all patients need nutrition, the right nutrition depends on each person’s condition. At Amerix, our doctors and scientists create advanced nutritional formulas by researching exactly what nutrients each patient needs to get better. The result? A robust spectrum of recovery-driven products, health practitioners can use to nourish anyone that walks into their hospital. So, from admittance to discharge, we’ve got the right formulation to help patients advance towards recovery. And back to full health.

Grass Fed Dairy Ingredients with a Medical Purpose

Most medical nutritional products aren’t grass-fed, but ours are. That’s because it only makes sense to give the best ingredients to those who need it most, patients recovering in the hospital. But our supplements don’t stop there. We have designed unique, multi-staged protein blends with just the right amount of nutrients according to the patients’ conditions and deficiencies. Now that’s the power of nature and science working together. In harmony.

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Fortiva® Multi-Staged Proteins for Superior Protein Synthesis

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PROTEIN Fortiva® Ensure Max Boost Orgain Pediasure Glucerna Nepro Jevity / Promote Vital Perative Fresubin Novasource
Whey Protein Concentrate
Milk Protein Concentrate
Calcium Caseinate
Soy Protein

Only Fortiva® is designed to harness the proven functional benefits of each vital protein component in its formulas

Clinical Nutrition Products


Therapeutic nutrition to promote rapid recovery from illness



Diabetes-specific formula designed to help dietary control of blood glucose in people with diabetes



Balanced nutrition support for people with kidney disease and for people on dialysis



Proprietary muscle-building protein blend for people undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy



Clean label grass fed Protein Shake for Patients with Chronic Liver Disease


Clean label grass fed Protein Shake for Elderly Patients

Lifestyle Nutrition Products


Therapeutic nutrition to promote rapid recovery from illness



Clean label grass fed Protein Shake for Dynamic People.



High protein recovery nutrition for children ages 2-13 years



Excellent nutrition support for pregnant mothers



Grass-Fed Protein Shake for Weight Loss.


Pre-Workout Grass-Fed, Whey-dominant Protein Shake.