Medical Nutrition

Medical nutrition comprises specially formulated nutritional products designed to help meet the nutritional needs of patients who by reason of an illness, disease or disorder are unable to meet their nutritional requirements through eating regular foods.

Providing nutrition support using medical nutrition products is a vital aspect of overall patient management and prevention of disease or illness-related malnutrition.  Numerous studies have shown that poor nutritional status during illness is associated with delayed patient recovery, increased risk of complications from illness, longer hospital stay, increased rate of readmission, poor functional outcome, increased treatment cost and increased mortality.

Medical nutrition can be provided and delivered as Oral Nutrition Supplements, Enteral Nutrition or Parenteral Nutrition and they are clinically proven to significantly promote recovery, reduce risk of complications from illness, shorten length of hospital stay, reduce rate of hospital readmission, improve functional outcomes, reduce treatment cost and reduce overall disease-related mortality

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