Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition assessment is performed in patients who are determined to be under- or malnourished or at increased risk of developing malnutrition based upon the outcome of nutrition screening.

Nutrition assessment has been defined by A.S.P.E.N. as “a comprehensive approach to diagnosing nutrition problems that uses a combination of the following: medical, nutrition, and medication histories; physical examination; anthropometric measurements; and laboratory data.”

A nutrition assessment provides the basis for a nutrition intervention. Nutrition assessment is performed by a nutrition support clinician. A nutrition support clinician can be a trained dietician, nurse, pharmacist or physician who has been trained to perform these assessments. Nutrition assessment includes obtaining diet and medical history, current clinical status, anthropometric data, laboratory data, physical assessment information, and often functional and economic information; estimating nutrient requirements; and, usually, selecting a treatment plan.

See link for a sample of Nutritional Assessment reporting form: