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AMERIX Presents its Full Line of 9 Organic Drink Products Internationally at the ELDEX Trade Symposium in Singapore

“In under 10 years, Singapore could join more than 30 countries in becoming a ‘super-aged’ nation, where 20 per cent of the population is 65 years of age or older. We see this as a marketplace that will embrace our Organic Medical Nutrition product line.” stated Brand Ambassador – Mr. Martin of AMERIX.

ELDEX Asia is a trade and consumer exhibition that presents a comprehensive spectrum of new and innovative products, services and technology by leading manufacturers [like Amerix] from around the word for the rapidly ageing Asian societies. ELDEX Asia focuses on active aging by emphasizing on nutrition {Amerix] and exercise via its medical conference. ELDEX Asia aims to catalyze industry growth by facilitating conversations between start-ups and potential investors to accelerate their development.

ELDEX’S primary visitor markets are ASEAN countries [especially Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand]; secondary markets would be rest of Asia including Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan,Hong Kong and South Asia [India, Pakistan and Bangladesh].

ELDEX’s goals are to enable global suppliers of eldercare products, technology and services to meet with targeted Asia Pacific distributors, retailers, buyers such as hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living facilities and hospices, care givers, therapists, and end-users (consumers). To engender a holistic ecosystem for the marketplace by building continuing education platforms, and curating workshops, product demonstrations and seminars to drive greater awareness and brand equity.
To catalyze industry growth by bringing-start-ups in the eldercare space to interact with and pitch to potential investors, particularly where gerontechnology is concerned.
To advocate understanding on the critical importance of lifestyle habits and attitudes that influences one’s ability to live healthy, meaningful and joyful lives,
especially from whence one’s metabolism decelerates, so as to help people age successfully and be better equipped to live well for longer. Especially those aged 30
to 50, the elderly of tomorrow and the group providing care for the elders today.

“We’re appreciative to our American Trade Advisers and Liaisons that have helped Amerix attend ELDEX and act as our introduction-team at ELDEX.” Mr. Martin said in closing.


Amerix Nutra Pharmaceutical provided valuable nutritional drinks to benefit vulnerable patients in El Salvador

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FUSAL was founded 32 years ago by establishing an in-kind donations program. The program’s main objective was, and continues to be, to supply many of the needs of an extensive network of beneficiary clinics and hospitals throughout the country; while serving the most vulnerable in Salvadoran society.